Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming it means dreaming knowing that you are dreaming. The lucid dream state or "lucidity" sometimes begins at the beginning of a dream. The dreamer understands that the experience is not occurring in physical reality, but in the dream itself. Often this understanding is noticeable once one is floating, flying, or meeting a deceased relative. In some cases one may lucidly dream randomly during sleep, suddenly realizing that one can control the settings. The state of lucidity can vary between high and low. If the dreamer is at a high level, one might be aware of all the details of the dream. You will not be in any danger as you move with free will possibly manipulating your dream settings. However, the low lucidity state is very different. At the lowest frequency of lucidity, one may be able to float or fly around, although it will still feel like it is in the dream.

Lucid Dreaming Pros:

If you have ever experienced flying or floating in your dream, you will know that the experience was exciting. It feels like you are on top of the world. You have the ability to feel like you are a superman, breaking through the clouds and looking down at the earth. Waking up from this experience can alter your mood to be more positive throughout the day. Many people report that their dreams are full of adventure and fantasy, that they have become more creative in their life of walking. It almost feels like a drug taking over your body as you enjoy the feeling of euphoria. You could control your nightmares by simply changing the settings in the blink of an eye.

Cons of lucid dreaming:

You may only hear positive and rewarding benefits of lucid dreaming, although it may not be all that you expect it to be. In order to debate whether lucid dreams are good or bad, one must see the importance of dreaming. For many people dreams and the symbols in them are powerful tools that connect the conscious with the unconscious. Dream interpretation has not only been around for centuries, it is a way for many cultures to become aware of our hidden shadows. Our internal problems could be wreaking havoc on our walking life and a dream could be the only tool used to make us aware. Disrupting your setup to benefit you in the short term could have some effects down the road. Dreams and their symbols are a forgotten language that we must take seriously.

Learn to dream lucidly:

Learning to dream lucidly is not something that can be learned overnight. This is something that takes time, but when it is achieved it is very rewarding. Be confident and don't let it put you off even when it's not working. Learning to perfect the art of lucid dreaming can take weeks or even months of practice. Once you have the ability to dream lucidly, your dreams are no longer just dreams. Lucid dreaming techniques.

8 Benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

  1. Strengthen your problem solving skills
  2. Able to confront your fears first hand.
  3. Become more creative
  4. Great way to improve your confidence level
  5. Be more in tune with yourself and with others around you.
  6. Experience a different way of dreaming.
  7. Understand more about our unconscious mind.
  8. Healing aspects

Lucid dreamy steps:

Step 1 - Repeat:

Despite the fact that during the day at work or at home, you should practice repetition. You will have to keep asking yourself "Am I dreaming right now?" After a couple of hour-long attempts it may come to mind that you are not dreaming. This repetitive thought process helps you unknowingly remember this when you dream.

Step 2 - Record your dreams:

You must learn to record your dreams when you wake up. Keeping a dream journal is vital because it enhances and expands your dream capacity. Once you are able to recall the events and symbols in your dream, you will have a better chance of reaching that lucid state. Taking time and reviewing your recorded dreams before bed helps create a sense of awareness when you are in a dream state.

Step 3 - Control your sleep:

Controlling your dreams is about being attentive to your sleep schedule. Changing your sleep behavior will increase your chances of lucid dreaming. Scientists revealed that lucid dreaming works best when you take a quick nap after waking up from a long sleep. Randomly interfering with his sleep schedule usually increases Lucid's sleep as well.

Step 4 - Believe:

Start believing in your dreams and the meaning behind them. People who feel that a dream is just a dream would have trouble trying to show them off. You must understand the symbols and the mystical power behind them. Do your best to stay positive and self-confident. You must have a desire to want to feel lucid.

Step 5 - Meditation:

For thousands of years meditation has been directly linked to human inner peace. Learning to meditate is a great way to build your awareness in your conscious and unconscious world. Practicing mindfulness meditation for at least 10 minutes a day can increase lucid dreaming states.

Step 6 - Mental awareness:

The most important step is to train your "conscious mind." You want to start by being more aware of your everyday surroundings and the objects around you. Anything in your life of walking that you would normally look over at now has to be taken into consideration. Anything from the smallest detail once overlooked as stop signs to billboards now needs attention. You must observe everything in detail. This means the color, shape and feelings of the objects so that when they appear in your dream they connect. Dreaming of an object that you have analyzed in detail in your daily life, you can apply it to your dream to see what is real and what is not. Once you can convince your mind that it is just a dream, the fun begins. Stretching your awareness in your day will help you gain more control of your dreams. You don't need to focus on every detail of your life because it would drive you crazy. Start with a couple of small observations a day that you would normally never see in detail.

How to stay lucid in dreams:

The hardest part of lucid dreams is trying to stay in them. Learning the proper technique given below will turn an armor dreamer into a seasoned dreamer. If trained properly, it can last up to 30 minutes in a lucid state.


Relaxing is the key when you want to stay longer in your lucid and fun dreaming. Most of the time we tend to get overly excited and wake up from sleep. To achieve a long period of lucidity you must calm your mind.

Hand movement

Once you are relaxed, try rubbing and remember to rub your hands. This helps prolong lucid dreaming by constantly stimulating the conscious brain. Doing this technique can last up to 10 to 30 minutes in a lucid state.


Focus your hand on your lucid dream. Do not lose sight of them, keep them in front of you. Also focus on wanting to be in your dream. Keep repeating "attention or focus" out loud and you will be more in tune with the dream for a longer period of time.

Spelling test

Consider spelling a word or asking an easy math question. This will help activate the logical part of your brain when you lose focus from sleep.


Going around in circles helps you ground your awareness in your lucid dreaming, which in turn leads you to a new dream scene.

Types of lucid dreams:


“I have been flying for many years until a short hiatus in the last 7-8 months where I was only able to fly once. My flight started almost 10-12 years ago when I was participating in a triple jump even in my dreams and it did not come down even after the usual 7-8 meter jump. My jump distance kept increasing and I was flying quite consistently after continuous improvement. I fly with my hands outstretched like the wings of an airplane, thought not much higher but lower to ground level. I fly in cities that I know, I see ppl. I know on the ground, I even try to help ppl. If I see someone in trouble I must clarify here that I am neither attached to Superman nor to the sport of triple jump as someone could conclude. I'm always in a great mood during my flying session. Even I am happy the day I see this kind of dream. I want to fly every night but I don't know the trigger that starts this dream.


“In my most recent dream I realized that I could do whatever I wanted and I was dreaming. So I jumped onto a fence post, looked around, and started flying. I wanted to go straight, but I kept going up, then I realized that I was going in different directions without deciding which way to go and my body decided for me. Then I crashed into a fountain, and the water was freezing and there was snow. I'm still confused as to how I knew I was dreaming and still couldn't control my actions, but only when I was flying.


“I am a 42 year old disabled IRAQ veteran. In recent years I have started to fly in my dreams. At first he would just jump off the ground by waving his arms once and floating and then floating again at an angle at a certain distance, about 60 feet away, and maybe a block away from landing. I realize that the flapping motion with my arms is an event shared with others who dream of flying. Now I am able to reach any height and most of the time if I climb high enough when landing the dream scenario changes and there is always something very interesting and strange. These dreams have been difficult to decipher, except that I am aware that I am dreaming and can control my ability to fly. I will keep trying to master my flight and with enough work I will keep trying to leave Earth orbit and achieve faster flight. Maybe one day flying towards the moon or further away. Thank you all for sharing something as personal as your dreams.


“My dreams of flying have to do with running, then waving my arms and then going in the air, as if large birds had to start flying like cranes. The flying dream I had this morning was riding a purple dragon with purple stones the dragon landed and I got on and looked above me there was a portal with another city with a horse standing looking at me ... the portal was upside down. It would be as if the dragon were on my floor in my house and looking up at the ceiling the horse would be standing. The whole world was upside down. I made a clockwise spiral over the dragon and was in the other world looking back at my world that was now upside down. I was no longer wearing my clothes, but the one in Renaissance clothes had an arrow hitting the dragon's side, I fell down and woke up when the body hit the ground. I've had this dream so many times that I lost count.


«My friends laugh at me when I tell them that I dream that I can fly. I remember the first time I dreamed it, it was high up in the trees. I felt almost invincible, so free, so happy that I never forget the feeling. Then there was a time when I thought that if I could control my dream, maybe I could fly to the sky and see my mom. I tried to fly there in one of my dreams, but was scared when I saw the darkness. Last night I dreamed that I was flying but I got caught in the electrical cables, I did not hurt myself or fall. I remember from that dream that a friend was sick and I was trying to fly with her. The first time I had a dream of flying, it was different, although I felt like a super-woman. It was like stopping flying in the air and it was like floating in the air.


“I just had a dream of flying for the first time in my life a couple of nights ago. (And I've been trying to lucid dreaming for a while)…. I recently read an article referring to how before the seventeenth century humans slept for four hours (first sleep), woke up for one or two hours, and then went back to sleep (second dream) for another four hours ... I did it the night I had the dream. I live in Los Angeles, but in the dream, I had moved to New York and was aware of having woken up from my first dream and was using time…. In between…. sleep to "discover" more about New York. At first I was in a car…. going up and down big hills with panoramic views and then it became a magic carpet. There was a presence of a male (I am female) above me telling me to "come" and that it was not as difficult as I thought it would be, so I started to fly. We got up very high and very close to reaching the monuments, but there were balloons and confetti on the way, so I got frustrated and we started again about 10 feet above the ground. This happened probably 3 times and then I was suddenly with a woman (maybe she had been there the whole time?) And I got to where she thought my parking spot was. Somehow, without knowing the city, I knew that the real place was not that, but one a block away.


“I have had some close encounters with the corner of the walls / ceiling, much like what you have posted. I used to be able to fly freely, but one night the walls that I used to fly through became solid and I would slide down the walls until I hit them and tried another wall, but they were still solid. I have not been able to fly since then and that was about 15 years ago, when I was 25 years old. I've been a pilot since I was young when I dreamed of explosive colors and used to fly to get away from bad guys or just for fun (I used to do a cycling motion with my feet and ride some kind of invisible bike, 'stepping-up', but eventually I started flying 'superman' even though I never had a physical body when flying). The only time I had trouble flying was when I was 17 and an angry cloud scolded me for going too fast and too high.