Regular dreams vs visiting dreams

Many people visit the Spirit World while they sleep. They also know that their physical body cannot exist without the time it takes to rest, regenerate, recharge, and heal its energies.

Sleep is the vital function of a person's daily routine, and even for general well-being. A person's spirit definitely uses this amount of time for similar functions.

While a person sleeps, his spirit separates from the physical box, which is his body, to visit his Spirit World and regenerate. During that period, you are still linked to your physical body, usually through the so-called "etheric cord" or "silver cord."

Many people sometimes reported having very vivid dreams. During those dreams, they established communication with their loved ones who passed away. In fact, when they see their loved ones in such a dreamlike state, it is usually a short meeting.

When you wake up, your spirit will return to your body, and you will feel the connection begin to fade. Many people shared their experiences of waking up with tears in their eyes as the feelings around the special visit slowly fade away.

In such hug dreams, a sea of hands is most often raised, along with smiles and nodding heads, confirming that the person had such experiences with someone they love.

Sometimes, it would be encouraging to witness something like that, causing people to further validate the existence of the Spirit World as well.

When someone has a dream of a loved one, and that dream seems like a real visit, the dream will definitely be happy and uplifting.

If a person dreams of someone experiencing fear or sadness, then that is not true communication after death. It will likely mean that the person is still working during their grief.

When a person is really hugged or really visited in his or her dream, he or she will feel and know it.

Such dreams are very precious, and healing and no person can really take that dream from him or her, saying that it is only their imagination that plays tricks with them or only illusions.

The person will know when the hugs and visits are real, as they will feel them in their heart.