dream about earthquake

Dream about earthquake

The earthquake is a powerful dream symbol because the anxious emotions that it awakens in you while the earthquake is happening in the dream. It should be noted that these seismic dreams have much less meaning if you live around areas that have frequent earthquakes, the dream of an earthquake may be just a recent one or a major one that you have experienced in the past. Try to look for similarities to determine if the earthquake dream is just a flashback rather than hidden symbols.

Always consider your location, what you are doing, the people you might be with, as well as your own personal emotions as the earthquake shakes the earth. These small details can help you decipher the dream better.

The earthquake generally symbolizes a major shaking that threatens your stability and the foundations of your life. You may feel insecure about your jobs, or you may fear losing loved ones who are important to you.

It should be noted, however, that although earthquakes offer destructive forces, they also have the ability to create mountains and valleys. This means that although the earthquake shakes the dream, foreshadows the change in your life, it could suggest creative forces that lead to a new lifestyle.

The earthquake symbolizes sudden and unexpected changes

Dreaming of an Earthquake usually means that an unexpected change in your life may occur soon. Shaking can occur at any time in your life. This is when it is important to take note of the context while the earthquake occurs. The place where you experience the earthquake in the dream may be where the shaking is predicted. For example, if you dream of an earthquake happening while you are working, chances are something important in your workplace is happening soon.

These changes can be sudden and unexpected, such as the resignation of a coworker or manager, changing the overall workload and dynamics of your work team. Or it could be something expected, if you know that your company has not done well, dreaming of a disastrous earthquake can mean that there will be major layoffs soon.

The seismic dream also makes you think about your reactions

During the dream of an earthquake, consider your immediate reactions and feelings to the event. If you are at home, did you go out of your way to protect your family, your belongings, or yourself first? This is your subconscious telling you what it is that you want most deep in your heart. Keep track of your own emotions too, if you were scared by the earthquake or if you were angry.

Also, if you are injured or trapped by the earthquake, you can predict that you are ill-equipped for the disaster, or that you are not paying attention to the actions you take.

To find safe coverage and survive a big earthquake in the dream, it suggests that you will overcome life's challenges upon waking up.

Earthquake combined with other disaster events

Sometimes the dream of an earthquake does not come alone. Sometimes they go hand in hand with other natural phenomena. Below is a quick pairing of what these dream pairs can mean:

Earthquake with Tsunami:

This combination of dreams suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions after an abrupt change in your life.

Earthquake with volcanic eruption:

Dreaming of an earthquake caused by a volcanic eruption suggests that you have been bottling your emotions for too long. The anger and rage that you have in you will cause disastrous earthquake events that will turn your life upside down.