dream about exams

Dream about exams

Dreams with exams  seem to be common for people who have dropped out of school years after finishing high school or college. The mood of the dream revolves around the dreamer feeling anxious, unprepared, or realizing how he will complete the test in a short time. Test dreams tend to be recurring and do not go away unless you are able to understand the meaning behind your dream, and then apply it to the problem you are facing. The mood and feelings that you experience in your dream act as a metaphorical mirror that mimics what is happening in your life. If you have thoughts about failing in any part of your life, such as work or projects, then these dreams are suggestions for you to correct.

Why do we dream of exams?

The test dreams seem to be a reflection on the lack of confidence of the individuals or the problems that advance to the next stage of life. After you pass the test, you move on, but what's stopping you? These dreams seem to be very personal to the dreamer who is hidden within the unconscious. These dreams tend to appear when the individual is under more stress than usual in his life from walking. To understand the dream you must understand the pressure you can be under in your life. Write down the feeling aspects of your dreams and see how they apply to yourself or your environment. Below are some helpful tips that might suggest why you might be experiencing these types of dreams.

12 causes of dreaming about exams

  1. Procrastinating on something that needs to be done
  2. Fear of moving to the next step
  3. Fear of leaving something behind
  4. Feeling lonely and scared
  5. Feels inferior or inadequate
  6. Is not preparing
  7. Self esteem issues
  8. Lack of motivation
  9. You feel like you're being scrutinized by people, or you're overly scrutinizing yourself.
  10. I don't want to be stuck or left behind.
  11. Lack of conformity
  12. Keep a dream journal handy to better understand your dreams.

I run out of time:

This dream usually begins with the test with only a couple of minutes to finish the job. This dream will suggest to you that you might be aware of a current problem but don't have enough time to fix it. You too could be doing last minute things and it is coming back to haunt you. Do you have enough time in the day to complete your personal tasks?

Neither pencil nor pen:

Not having a pencil or pen during an exam is quite common, which means that the dreamer is not paired in his life of walking. Unable to organize and gather her things before completing a task. You may want to see your organizational skills.

Foreign language:

Believe it or not, but most of our exam dreams come in other languages. This can be quite a scary situation knowing at the time that you are going to fail miserably. These dreams amount to not understanding what is in front of you. Feeling of being lost or unable to understand something in your life.

Where is my seat?

Trying to find your seat while everyone is busy. These dreams are for people who are rushing and not ready to focus before an event. You may need to be more assertive in your life or you may be procrastinating too much. If you are usually late, it could be a symbol for you to be more prepared or arrive early.

No, I'm late:

Being late is pretty self explanatory. Do you feel that you are always behind in life and that you are not organized with your time? If this is the case, then this dream seems to be aimed at your punctuality.

Summary of your dreams with exams

As stated above, the first step before facing your dream is knowing your own internal issues. Test dreams can occur up to once a week, depending on the severity of the problem that is affecting you. Ignoring your exam dream will only prolong it so it doesn't happen again. If you can't find the reasons why you are having test dreams, here are some more possibilities below.

  • Setting goals too high
  • Fear of failing
  • Unable to handle under pressure
  • Worried about what people think of you
  • Fear of the future and if you are on the right track
  • Not be good enough
  • Stress or anxiety in life

Test dreams usually take a little longer to get to the root of the problem than other common dreams. In order to fully understand your dream, you have to understand your current situation.

Benefits of dreaming about exams:

Dreams with taking an exam as a symbol should be used to benefit you once you decode the dream. Despite how scary or anxious the dream made you feel, there is a meaning in it that you are overlooking in your life. Your unconscious mind is insinuating you to pay attention and if you don't, the dream will keep repeating itself until the problem is resolved. Once the problem is solved, the topic of the dream may change, and it will appear as if you do not need to complete it or give the work to your teacher in confidence. Keeping a journal about stress and dreams in life can help you better understand the emotions behind you.