Dream about food

In everyday life, food is the essence of eating, and it has similar associations in dreams, although it captures the idea of fulfillment. Dream about food when we seek more reward than we do, or seek deeper meaning in our relationships. If you are hungry in a dream, you are exploring what you need. The food and your connections to others or events suggest your hunger for success in this area. If eating is interrupting something you are trying to do, then you are not finding satisfaction and you need to "digest" something to achieve satisfaction.

The different places where you eat can offer clues to the area of life that is currently being explored. A kitchen is associated with your education, while restaurants portray social exchanges or public recognition. Food related images from work suggest how you are seeking more reward and satisfaction in your work. The foods associated with cars will symbolize your motivation or what you may be doing that is undermining fulfillment for you.

Bread and water represent basic needs, where bread can symbolize the body, and water, emotions. Bread also has associations with money, and when toasted it can represent how you are being "seasoned" by the experience, or the feeling that you are "ready." The toast can also symbolize the fear of failure or the feeling that it is time to go. The food that is absorbed by the "drink" is associated with a "thirst" for something that describes need, luxury, and pleasure, such as "drinking" and "drinking." In reality, milk carries the idea of food a little deeper due to its associations with mother and childhood.

Cake or desserts represent enjoyment or becoming more open in the sense of "having your cake and eating it too." Dreaming of desserts symbolizes the desire to truly enjoy life as in "the icing on the cake" or reward for the sense of receiving the "just desserts." Since desserts are not considered staples and tend to satisfy our cravings, they are associated with seeking rewards, perhaps when considering changing careers or exploring love, and how it can nurture you. Vegetables will have associations with their shapes and colors, often portraying sexual needs and the idea of doing what is good for us. Vegetables that grow underground, such as carrots, potatoes, onions and radishes, often suggest how it is brewing or how it is not actively recognizing what is growing inside. Corn has a special meaning because of its association with the teeth and ears, which means an increase in sensitivity and perception. The carrot is a symbol of ambition, like going after the "carrot." Onions are multi-layered and can portray the intricate layers that must be peeled to discover sustenance. At the same time, onions make you cry and can symbolize the need to allow something painful to surface so that you can move to greener pastures. Plants that require you to take care of them as they grow suggest that you should prune or nurture your sense of nutrition and satisfaction over time.

Fruit on a Tree presents a type of food, where sustenance is there for you, to be taken from the 'Tree of Life'. Apples can represent consequences, or achievements and efforts, as something that grows and falls to the ground. Apples and oranges can suggest health associated with their healing power, although an orange is sometimes strange, as nothing rhymes with the orange. Orange is also associated with the color that makes something stand out or require attention. Lemon can be associated with a bitter attitude or missing something and feeling jealous. Dreaming of fruit suggests that something exists within your reach and that you only need to "pluck" it to be more satisfied. Meat has an association with "hunting" or sexual feeding, while milk suggests achievement and satisfaction in the sense of "the land of milk and honey" or "mother's milk" flowing from the breast.