Dream About Lice

Dreaming of lice, nits or parasites on the head

This recent question from one of my readers was a welcome change, he wonders what it means dream about lice. Often our first response to the topic of lice or parasites is "Ewww! "Gross!"

It's not fair! Parasites also have a symbolic meaning! In fact, while researching the meaning of lice and parasites in general, I discovered that these little critters have many lessons to teach us.

My answer to this reader's question about what it means dream about lice and the symbolic meaning of parasites is:

Lice, as you know, are parasitic creatures. They need a host to exist.

When lice come to our attention in our dreams, it may be an indication that our subconscious is trying to tell us to let go of some pesky people or ideals in our lives.

When we are "sucked in" by too many responsibilities, too many obligations, or torn in too many directions by well-meaning people, the Louse will come to our attention as a message to withdraw and resist being drawn into situations we do not want for ourselves.

Dreaming of lice on the spine

The fact that you were dreaming of lice around your head and along your spine indicates that you may be dealing with some challenging thoughts (the head and spinal cord symbolize the nervous system and the origin of thought), that there are many options before you - and all of them may be "bothering you." Perhaps it is difficult for you to find peace for all the thoughts and choices that you are experiencing right now.

However, you can take advantage of the Louse. Observe the beauty in your symbiotic relationship with your host. In reality, the Louse changes its DNA to accommodate that of its host - ensuring a lifelong relationship. This is a lesson in flexibility and a message that we can work with our challenges rather than fight them.

This is a clear message that we can learn to live with our decisions - that we can actually make the best of things. Sometimes we just need to adapt to live in peace.

Furthermore, the Louse never takes more from its host than either of them can handle (as doing so would destroy its own livelihood). This is a message that we can all learn from. Sometimes when lice are in our dreams, this indicates that we are asking too much of our loved ones, or that they are asking too much of us.