Dreaming of water, be it dirty, clean, deep, hot or calm

Dream about water it is generally associated with emotions and the unconscious. Large bodies of water (ocean, lake, pool) generally represent the unconscious itself.

Consider the many figures of speech related to dreaming of water and how they can be related in the context of your dream:

1) like a fish out of water (uncomfortable)

2) in deep water (over your head)

3) water under the bridge (in the past)

4) Blood is thicker than water (family is more important)

5) dreaming of hot water (in trouble)

6) they muddy the waters (they make things worse)

7) test the waters (test)

8) through hell and high waters (no matter what)

9) step on the water (in danger of drowning)

10) whitewater rapids (whitewater)

You may think of others that make sense in the context of your dream.

Swimming, rowing, or paddling downstream may suggest that you are going with the flow and not experiencing difficulties; going up the river suggests that you are going against the natural current or experiencing difficulties; or you are going against your intuition. You may be making things more difficult than they have to be.

Taking a shower or bath may suggest that you are cleansing yourself, releasing your negative thoughts and emotions, and eliminating your problems.

Being underwater can suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed or that you are in an emotional or financial bind. Alternatively, you may be exploring your unconscious, seeking inner guidance, or discovering repressed emotions or memories.

The condition or state of the water can represent emotions.

For example:

1) hot water can represent anger or rage

2) rough or turbulent water can symbolize stress; emotional imbalance or difficulties

3) boiling water can represent emotions, especially rage or rage, that have been boiling under the surface and are about to emerge or boil; you may need to walk away and release some steam

4) calm water can represent a peaceful state of mind

5) dirty water can indicate that you are holding on to many negative thoughts or emotions; or you may not be thinking clearly about a situation

6) clean and clear water can represent that you are in contact with your true nature and spirituality; and / or that you are clearly thinking about a situation

7) flowing water can symbolize that you are easy or that you go with the flow

8) dreaming of flowing water can suggest that you are allowing your emotions to run away with you or that you are running away from your emotions (repressing or denying them)

Drowning is a common sleep theme that usually occurs when we are under a lot of physical or emotional stress in waking life. Drowning can symbolize the fear of being overcome by or drowning in your emotions; or you may be experiencing financial difficulties and are "drowning in debt."

Alternatively, you may want to drown out the noise and chaos around you; Or you may be drowning your problems and trying to escape your problems by drinking them.