Dream about cockroaches

Dream about cockroaches

Dream of a cockroach at home it usually symbolizes impurity and unethicality. Therefore, a roach infestation in your home may suggest that you have let your impure thoughts get out of hand, or it may mean that your overall living situation is impure. Take into consideration the location of the cockroach context, for example, a cockroach in your bed in the dream may suggest that you may have impure sexual thoughts or desires.

However, seeing a cockroach in the wild can mean longevity, tenacity, renewal, and the ability to adapt and survive under any circumstance.

Dream about your interaction with the cockroach

Kill a cockroach

Killing a cockroach may reflect your attempt to renew and transform it by getting rid of bad habits. It can also suggest that you are getting rid of negative people who may be influencing you. The way you kill a cockroach can give you clues on how to handle tough situations. Do you take a direct approach of simply squashing the bug or do you use a roach killing spray? These subtle clues can be your mind telling you the best methods to make changes happen.

Keeping a cockroach as a pet

To dream that you have pet cockroaches suggests that you try to contain your negative attributes or habits. Perhaps you are reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke or your gambling actions.

Eating a cockroach in your mouth

Anytime you have a cockroach in your mouth or are eating it, suggest to yourself that you are consuming extremely unclean things in your life. You will become physically or mentally ill if you do not do anything quickly about what you are doing.

The search for a cockroach

If you dream of looking for a cockroach that has hidden, after having seen it. Suggest that someone is trying to provoke you into taking action. Your best option might be to restrict your momentum before acting. Wait for the roach to show up again. Or you may have to be more diligent to turn over all possible hiding places to find what you are looking for.

Dream about the actions of cockroaches

The crawling cockroach

The dream suggests that you need to reevaluate different aspects of your life. Consider the places where the cockroach is crawling. If you are in the kitchen, it may suggest that you are not happy with the way you are feeding yourself and your family. If the cockroach crawls into your room, it may reflect that your private personal relationship is not good.

Cockroaches bite you

When the cockroach crawls on your body and bites you, the dream represents an undesirable aspect of yourself in which you have to confront. Consider the parts of the body where the cockroach is and draw interpretations for those areas.

The death of cockroaches

Dreaming of dying or of a dead cockroach can suggest that you are in the process of getting rid of your bad habits.

The giant cockroach

Dreaming of a large giant cockroach indicates that you have a great adversary that you would like to get rid of. The adversary may be a business competitor who seems to be always in business, or it may be your own internal flaws that you can never get rid of.

The flying cockroach

Cockroaches that fly and scatter throughout space, suggest that bad influences and temptations are all around you. Be careful when entering a place with flying cockroaches. Most likely, you will get dirty and dirty and have nowhere to hide.

Fighting cockroaches

To dream that two cockroaches are fighting implies that you are going through a spiritual conflict. It may also suggest that you might be fighting dirty to survive waking life. Perhaps you are using immoral business tactics to bring down your competitors.

The white cockroach

Dreaming of seeing or encountering a white cockroach is a warning that someone will betray your trust. The person may appear sincere and pure for being white, yet they still act like a cockroach once they get close to you.

Cockroach eggs or small cockroaches

To see the eggs or the little baby cockroaches in your dream, this suggests that a chain of bad luck will reproduce and multiply.